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The Zombies. The Decca Stereo Anthology (2 CD)
The Zombies. The Decca Stereo Anthology (2 CD)

The Zombies. The Decca Stereo Anthology (2 CD)

1499 руб

Ширина упаковки122
Высота упаковки5
Глубина упаковки122
АльбомыThe Zombies. The Decca Stereo Anthology
ЗаписьIt's Alright With Me,She's Not There,You Make Me Feel Good,Summertime,Woman,Leave Me Be,Kind Of Girl,Sometimes,I'm Goin' Home,Road Runner,Sticks And Stones,Walking In The Sun,I Don't Want To Know,Tell Her No,What More Can I Do,I Remember When I Loved Her,I Want You Back Again (Alternate),Cant Nobody Love You,The Way I Feel Inside,I Got My Mojo Working,You've Really Got A Hold On Me Bring It On Home To Me,I Cant Make Up My Mind,Work N Play,I Want You Back Again (Single Version),She's Coming Home,I Must Move,Just Out Of Reach,Remember You (Soundtrack Version),Nothings Changed,Ill Keep Trying,Don't Go Away,Whenever You're Ready,How We Were Before,I Love You,If It Don't Work Out,I Know She Will,Don't Cry For Me,Remember You (Single Version),Is This The Dream,Indication,Ill Call You Mine,Gotta Get Hold Of Myself,She Does Everything For Me,Goin' Out Of My Head,Leave Me Be (Backing Track / Take 1),Work N Play (Take 2 False Start / Take 3),Just Out Of Reach (Backing Track / Take 4),Whenever You're Ready (Backing Track / Take 1)
Тип упаковкиJewel Case
Вид изданияКоллекционное
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