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Contextual Realities of Sport for Development:
Contextual Realities of Sport for Development:

Contextual Realities of Sport for Development:

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The United Nations encourages the implementation of different strategies that support and uphold the Millennium Development Goals as well as the integration of sport as a tool for promoting peace, health and development. Hence, sport and PE is widely being used in disseminating HIV/AIDS awareness especially in the global south. But there are other factors that bring to the table, different dynamics that stand as bottlenecks to a much significant result that sport would bring. This study reveals that the actual “Kicking Aids Out” activity sessions with the end-users are good enough to effect change at that level. They form a good platform for sustainable behavior (re)formation among participants. However,the study calls for leaders and supporters of these programmes at all levels to be well informed of both the global and the contextual realities embedded within HIV/AIDS work. The desire to claim a bigger share in the implementation of HIV/AIDS education through sport and PE activities has seen the introduction of many leaders both from the global north and south in advance of capacity to understand fully, their pledges and responsibilities.
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